Thursday, September 15, 2016

CBD Oil for Lupus symptoms & helping with negative drug side effects

Before I start this post, I just want to say that I was never one to experiment with drugs and I am not generally a big believer of "natural cures" for serious things like Lupus.  It makes me so mad when people tell me I can "cure my Lupus by trying X, Y, or Z treatment".  I want to scream "if it was that easy, I would have been cured already!!!".   So, trying CBD oil for Lupus wasn't something I ever thought I would do.  

This is NOT a sponsored post.  I am not receiving any compensation for writing it, and I was not provided any free product.

Here's how this all came about.  My doctor actually suggested I give this a try.  It's legal in all 50 states, it does NOT make you high or cause any mental changes at all.  The part of the marijuana plant that makes you high is not in this oil.  This is Cannabidiol CBD oil that has many health benefits.  My doctor suggested I take it to help ease the side effects of the Lupus drug I take, Plaquenil.  I get horrible headaches daily, and up until now I was taking 2 Tylenol every single day because I cannot take NSAIDs or Aspirin.  I know how terrible Tylenol is for your liver, so I was looking for some solutions.   I've been taking 2 drops of CBD oil, twice a day now for 3 weeks and I can say that I've only had to take Tylenol once during that time!  A pretty amazing improvement!

For me, taking it to help with the side effects of the Plaquenil alone is worth it, but I also like that it can reduce the risk of seizures, which can be elevated in people with Lupus.  My mom (who I am positive also had Lupus) also got seizures, so I'm hoping not to follow in her footsteps in that respect.
In addition, it seems there are many other health benefits and I haven't been able to find too many negative side effects to worry about.

Once I knew it was something I wanted to try, I did some research on what brand to buy.  Friends recommended other brands, but I decided to go with the brand my doctor recommends,  I got the #42 bottle of oil and take 2 drops under my tongue twice a day.  It's on sale right now for about $69 per bottle but usually runs around $85.  It lasts a really long time though, because you're using literally only drops of it a day.  

I am always skeptical of these things, but I have been really happy with my results using CBD Oil to help with my Lupus symptoms.  I do feel I have increased energy, less anxiety, and the headaches are SO much better.  

Of course, ask your doctor before you try anything, but if you do give it a try, leave a comment below and let me know about your own experience!

xo Nikki


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