Sunday, February 2, 2014

Superbowl Sunday! Go Broncos!!!

I know I'm a New Englander and should be a die-hard Pats fan, and I will always root for the Patriots when they're playing....but they're not playing today, so today I'm a Broncos fan! Go Broncos!!!!
If you're wondering why am I a Broncos fan, and how I could actually root for Mr. Manning (shame on me), then you're not thinking like a true female.   The reason I'm rooting for the Broncos is for Mr. Decker!  Mr & Mrs Decker, actually.   I am slightly obsessed love their Reality TV Show, Game On.  They are the cutest couple since Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson.  I'm just hoping their relationship lasts longer! Seriously, how cute are they....
And it's even better because she's the most adorable pregnant lady.  I give her so much credit for getting all dolled up and going to his games and events.  

And he's just handsome.  Not much else to say about that.

Oh, and her hair! omg. Love her hair.  She does the messy beachy-chic thing really well. And the color is perfect. Okay, I have a girl-crush.  haha.

So anyway, GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!

And for the game tonight, I might make these Vegetarian Southwest Eggrolls from one of my favorite Bloggers, Living in Yellow who just started the blog Yellow Eats.  This girl is real and hilarious.  A great combination.  Check her out.   Don't these look delicious??!

Oh and maybe Jessie will be dressing her baby in these when she arrives? I would!

Especially the "I love Broncos more than Cupcakes".  Too cute.


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