Monday, July 21, 2014

AdvoCare and Pregnancy....Healthy Mom & Healthy Baby!

As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of AdvoCare products.  I started using them in January 2013 when I was diagnosed with Lupus because my doctor told me I needed a good Omega supplement, and AdvoCare's OmegaPlex was on the Brigham & Women's hospital recommended list.  I did some research and found quite a few posts about the benefits of all of AdvoCare's products.  I ended up purchasing some OmegaPlex and Meal Replacement Shakes from a girl named Danielle who's blog I found by Googling AdvoCare.

After using the products for a few weeks, I noticed a difference in my health.  I was a little surprised, because I didn't think something as simple as vitamins and supplements could make me feel so much better.

Of course, you HAVE to check with your doctor before you use any supplements or vitamins, especially if you have a medical condition, or you're pregnant or nursing.  And I'm not recommending these products for you, just that they worked for me.   This is really important, because everyone is different!

I ended up signing up as a Distributor only for the 20% discount on the products, and as I got healthier and in better shape people started asking me what I was using.  Of course I shared the success of AdvoCare, and found that the income potential with AdvoCare is pretty amazing too!  Email me at if you want to learn more!

If you know me in real life, then you know that I struggled with infertility and basically never thought I would have a child.  Then, we got the biggest surprise...we're expecting a baby boy VERY soon!   When I found out I was pregnant, I followed the AdvoCare Pregnancy & Nursing Guidelines, with the support of my doctor.  I personally take CorePlex with Iron and Omega Plex (I use this in place of a pre-natal vitamin), Meal Replacement Shakes (not to replace a meal, but to add in the extra calories needed in pregnancy), JointPro Motion (if you've been pregnant than you know how hard it is on your joints, nevermind adding lupus to the mix!), Catalyst (an awesome amino-acid supplement) and one Spark drink per day (has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, and while I'm not looking to debate caffeine in pregnancy, for me I felt comfortable with 1 per day).  I also use Rehydrate, which is a great way to stay hydrated and get your fluids in!  In addition, I love the Peaches & Cream Fiber Drink to keep your tummy happy!  You can purchase the bundle that I use by clicking here.

I'm happy to say that so far, our little man is looking great!  I pray each day that he is healthy, and we are so excited to meet him and bring him into our family!
Saturday, July 12, 2014


This morning I got an email from one of my cousins.  It was one of those chain emails, the kind that I admit I don't normally open.  For some reason, I scrolled through it and stopped when I saw this photo.

I often have a dream that I'm sitting on a bench, in a scene almost exactly like this, talking to my mom who passed away back in 2005.  When I wake up, I never remember the conversation, but the scene of the dream is always the same.   And I always wake up with a comforted feeling, that my mom is still with me.

The last time my mom and I got to sit down and talk, I was 24 years old and it was right before she passed away.  We both knew the time was coming for her to go, and neither of us wanted to admit it.  What I remember most from that conversation was my mom telling me to live my life for myself, and for God...because what anyone else thinks doesn't matter.   She told me that she never followed a normal set of rules in life...she had me on her own, during a time when being a single parent wasn't very common.  She did what was right for her in life.  People judged her, but she didn't care.  She said it wasn't always easy for her, but she had no regrets.  I asked her what she wanted for me.  She hoped I would find true love, and that I would have children.  Lately I've been thinking that my mom would be comforted to see me today, in a happy relationship and about to welcome a sweet little boy into the world.   Each day I am comforted to know that she looks down on us and sees a loving relationship, with mutual respect and happiness.

If I could sit down on a bench with anyone for an hour, I would love to sit down again with my mom.  It's been 9 years and some days the years feel like they've flown by and other times like they've gone so slowly.

I'd love to hear her tips for parenting (I think she would tell me to just enjoy every second!), and I'd ask her if Heaven is as beautiful as I imagine it must be.  I would talk to her about my fears (childbirth! eek!!) and my joys in life.  I would ask her if she gets to see our loved ones in Heaven, and what a normal day is like...or if there are even normal days up there.  I am honestly not exactly sure what I'd say, but I'd soak up every single minute of that hour with pure thankfulness for having another hour to spend with my mom who I miss so much.

Thinking about this makes me realize we get so busy in life that we don't truly enjoy the hours we spend with people.  An hour is just a blip on our radar;  but if we take time to slow down and appreciate the hours we have with people now, we will feel more at peace.   I know I'll be making an effort to slow down life a bit, and just enjoy the moments and hours I have with people I love.  Life is far too short, and we should all appreciate and enjoy what we have....every moment is a blessing.

So, the question remains...who would you talk to if you had an hour to sit and talk with one person, from the present or past?
Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I love Pinterest.  I can pin and re-pin, and I love trying all the new recipes and do-it-yourself projects.

Everytime I make a new recipe, people ask "is this from Pinterest?" and often times it is!

One of the things I love the most about Pinterest are all the inspirational quotes.  I'm a huge fan of surrounding yourself with positive quotes.  Growing up, my mom had the words "Yes You Can" above my desk and she always did her best to inspire me to do my best.  Surrounding myself with words of affirmation and motivation not only remind me of my mom, but inspire me.  They have helped me through tough times, including my lupus diagnosis.  They help me put things in perspective when dealing with challenging people. The quotes even help me strengthen my faith.  Here are some of my favorites....

This quote is one of my favorites...and it's true! Do what's right for your life and your heart, and the only one that matter is God.
This is another favorite of mine.  And it's true.  Sometimes love isn't logical.  Sometimes it doesn't happen at the best timing.  Sometimes it's messy and scary and hard, but if you love each other none of that other stuff matters.  And at the end of the day, it's the love with each other that matters, not what other people think. 
I think this quote is SO important.  I remember when my mom was sick and died, and I felt like I didn't know how to live life without a mom.  I prayed a lot about it, and I knew that my mom would want me to live life looking forward not back.  I have faced adversity, challenges, and things in life haven't always been perfect, but I have someone who loves me and who supports me and who gives me strength, and I also have my faith which is so strong.   I think more people in life would be strong and happy if they just stopped focusing on the past and moved their lives forward.  Why stay so bitter and angry? Why not just put it in the past and move on.  Live YOUR life that you have today...don't live the life you had yesterday, that's gone and the best is ahead.  That's true for all of us!  
This is just SO true...
The older I get, the more I learn how true this is! I wish more people would realize it! 
This quote reminds me that even when the choices we make in life might be "wrong", the end result will always lead us to the right place! 
I like this quote because I feel like so many people live a life they think they should live, based on other people's expectations for them.  Are they really happy? I don't know.  But I try to live my life in the best way that's right for me and if people judge it or aren't happy with my choices, that's their issue!  

When I was diagnosed with lupus I was scared because my plan for my life just changed, and change can be hard.  I struggled with how life would be taking medicine every day, and how it would affect my future.  For a moment, I was so scared and frozen I didn't know how to react.  After some time, prayer and careful thought, I realized that I needed to let go of an idea I had for my life and live the life that was meant for me.  And since I've done that, I've been blessed with more than I could have ever asked for.  
I will wrap this post up with my all time favorite quote!  I always remind myself of this, and try each day to live life fully and in a way that's right for me and for the people I love.  Life might be messy sometimes, and things don't always happen as planned, but the best things in life come as unexpected surprises and if you just have some faith and live each day with intention, then good things happen.   There is so much positive in life right now, that it overshadows any challenges.  Life always has hard things, and negative people can make those things more challenging, but if we always remain strong and have our focus on doing good each day, then life will work out.  Because at the end of the day, it is life and it's meant to be lived!

If you're newly diagnosed with lupus and feeling scared or alone, please reach out! 
I know how hard it is, and I hope some inspirational quotes will help you through.   Lupus for me has made me a stronger person, and I am so blessed and thankful that my lupus is manageable and that I have a great team of doctors.  I am also so blessed and thankful for all the wonderful things happening in my life.  Sometimes the best things in life happen when you least expect it.  

Stay strong! xoxo Nikki

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Job!!!

The blog will be undergoing some renovations in the upcoming weeks, because I have a new job!
I'm the new Real Estate Sales Manager for GateHouse Media New England & Wicked Local Media Solutions!  This is the most amazing opportunity for me, because I can combine my love of real estate with my media experience.  

I'll be keeping The Corbel Company, but it's going to be transitioning into a real estate referral agency.  Stay tuned for changes to that website too!! That means that I won't be selling houses or helping people buy them, instead I'll be matching clients up with agents that are a great fit!  I'll be spending my weekdays at GateHouse Media full time, and able to spend my nights and weekends on some personal stuff that is SO exciting and that I'll be talking about more soon.

Lots of exciting things happening in life, both work and personal!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Weekend Trip to Canada!

This past weekend Brent and I went to Canada to spend the weekend with his sister Tracey, her husband and their 2 sons.  It was such a great weekend and I can't wait to go back soon!  It was also the first time I've ever visited Canada!

I had to snap a picture as we were about to cross the border!
When we got to Tracey's house we stayed in her son Seb's room and on the wall I saw this...
Brent's picture from playing college hockey!  I thought it was so cute and nice that his nephew had his picture hanging in his room!

After resting Friday night because we got in so late, we helped them with some items in their new house Saturday morning and then went to get the most delicious lunch I've ever had..poutine!!  OMG.  Delicious!! Nothing is as good as french fries with cheese curds and gravy.  Seriously.  Amazing.  We may have had it twice in 2 days!!
Another delicious food in Canada is Beaver Tails!  Beaver Tails are fried dough in the shape of a beaver's tail, and you can get them with a bunch of different toppings.  I got Nutella on mine because I love Nutella!
Later in the day we walked around Ottawa and saw all the sights!  His sister is in Quebec, but we visited both Quebec and Ottawa.  I loved seeing all the gorgeous buildings! 
On Sunday we helped them pack and move more stuff in the morning and then we packed up our stuff and headed out to visit the art museum, which was beautiful!  My body was having a tough time being strong enough to walk through the whole museum (it was huge), but we saw many of the exhibits and then we went to lunch and to walk through some of the gift shops.  Brent will not be happy about me posting this, but I think he looks like an authentic Canadian in this hat!! haha!!
As we were leaving we got lunch and in the restaurant we saw a Bitcoin ATM machine! Brent and I love the idea of Bitcoin, but in the states we haven't seen any Bitcoin machines.  Of course I was the tourist who took a picture of it! 
Another thing they have a lot of in Canada is pay phones!! When was the last time you saw a pay phone?? I haven't seen on in years!  So of course I took a picture of that too!!
When we were leaving we took pictures with the big bear at the duty free shop, and headed back over the border and back to reality!  I loved the weekend in Canada and was happy to have a weekend away!  Now it's time to start focusing on all the amazing things we have happening in our life right now and start planning for the big events coming up in the next few months!!!!! :)